Word Press CMS

CMS means "content management system".  This is a web site with a back-end engine that allows you, or many others whom you designate, to update the content on your web site pages.

Word Press is the leading CMS used by millions around the world. Functionality is provided through the use of plugins made specifically for Word Press.  We also do some custom programming inside of the Word Press engine pages to accomplish the site look.

We not only install such sites, and maintain them, and develop custom or themed Word Press sites, we can also train you, if you so desire, on how to update the site yourself!

And you do have options from having your own custom graphic designed Word Press website to using a readily available template.  What's the difference?  A custom site is a web site uniquely designed for you - no other website will look like it, and it is copyrighted for your unique exclusive use!  A template site is implemented by purchasing a template and inserting your content, images, and so into the site.  There is a risk that others may have the same look.  Of course, you can also purchase the rights to a template, and from that point forward, no one else may purchase it for use.

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