We have worked with Jim Null since 2003 and have enthusiastically recommended him to many other groups. He is so patient, fast, affordable, and cheerfully competent that we can’t help but sing his praises! LongviewNET is a great company that will take care of you and your website needs. Thanks so much Jim!

Dr. Robin Hrris, President, International Council of Ethnodoxologists (ICE)

LongviewNET allows us to have some back-end functionality for our Life Groups that enables our Life Group leaders to easily track and report attendance back to the church leadership.  This gives us a great shepherding tool that is easy for our group leaders to use.  This gives us functionality that I would never be able to supply without the help of LongviewNET for an outrageously affordable cost.  Thanks LongviewNET!

Andy White, Discipleship and Involvement Minister

You are truly a blessing to EACM! Not that we don’t already know that but I attended a fundraising meeting this morning in the community and it was about Word Press and how you can “easily” host your own site, etc. etc. Costs were all over the board and I sat there quietly and just smiled knowing that Jim Null is taking care of us! Thank you thank you thank you!

Cathy Robertson, Director of Mission Advancement